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Online Event via Hopin


26 Jun 2021


5:00 pm - 6:30 pm


£0.00 - £5.00

Beyond Books with Cut From The Same Cloth?

Beyond Books acknowledges and treasures space for reading, lending, purchasing and discussing what books are, have been and could be to us. Bringing forward voices that encourage and cultivate conversations, offering narratives and ideas informed by our identities, lived experiences and dreams, it is a platform where books and other means of sharing stories are used to democratise knowledge, imagination, and enjoyment. We envisage Beyond Books will be key to unlock the dream matter in all of us, strengthening our infrastructure to unleash the capacity to engage, learn, grow and delve into many possibilities for ourselves and our places.

Cut From The Same Cloth?- Muslim Women On Life in Britain

This is a book that exceeded its original Unbound crowdfunding target, and brings together 21 unique voices of what its like to be a Muslim woman in Britain today. 

Perceived as the visual representation of Islam, hijab-wearing Muslim women are nevertheless rarely afforded a platform on their own terms. Harangued by awkward questions, radical commentators sensationalising our existence, non-Muslims and non-hijabis making assumptions, men speaking on our behalf, or stereotypical norms being perpetuated by the same old faces, hijabis are tired. Cut from the Same Cloth? seeks to tip the balance back in the favour of Muslim women. Here, twenty-one women of all ages and races look beyond the tired tropes, exploring the breadth of our experience and spirituality. It’s time we, as a society, stop with the hijab-splaining and make space for the women who know.

This Beyond Books x MFest event brings together Sabeena Akhtar with her contribution ‘Smile’ and as editor offers a unique overview of the book along with three of its contributors; Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan with ‘I Am Not an Answer, I Am the Question’, Sophie Williams with “On Therapy’ and Hodan Yusuf with ‘Waiting to Exhale: The Scarcity of Safe Spaces”. 

Cut From The Same Cloth? explores themes of anti Blackness, faith, family, modern pop culture, Islamophobia, politics, work, education, creativity and working life. This collection features essays from Negla Abdalla, Zahra Adams, Sabeena Akhtar, Mariam Ansar, Fatima Ahdash, Shaista Aziz, Suma Din, Khadijah Elshayyal, Ruqaiya Haris, Raisa Hassan, Fatha Hassan, Sumaya Kassim, Rumana Lasker Dawood, Suhaiymah Manzoor Khan, Asha Mohamed, Sofia Rehman, Yvonne Ridley Aisha Rimi, Khadijah Rotimi, Sophie Williams and Hodan Yusuf.

Praise for Cut From The Same Cloth?

‘Radical, moving, funny, profound . . . The essays in this book are a vital gift’ – Preti Taneja

‘My favourite book of the year. Sabeena Akhtar has brought together an inspiring work of beauty and being, each page so alive and vibrant. I hope every shelf makes room for this one.’ – Sabrina Mahfouz

‘Brilliant, funny, refreshing and illuminating’ – Kit de Waal

You can purchase copies of Cut From The Same Cloth? from independent bookseller This Is Book Love. Book Love is unable to compete with the prices you see on Amazon, so the price you see on this website will be the cover price. By purchasing via an independent, your purchase is supporting a small UK based business run by a woman of colour. This Is Book Love is offering a small discount with the code: BookLovexBeyondBooks 

About our guest contributors:

Sabeena Akhtar is a Writer/Editor and an Arts and Culture programmer working across a variety of literary festivals. She is the Festival Coordinator of Bare Lit, the U.K’s principal festival celebrating remarkable writers in the diaspora. A co-founder of the Primadonna Festival which spotlights the work of women writers, the Primadonna Prize for writing and Bare Lit Kids, the UK’s first children’s festival showcasing the work of writers of colour. She is also Senior Programmer at the WOW Foundation, working on it’s London festival at the Southbank Centre. A keen advocate for Partition commemoration, in 2017 she partook in the BBC’s coverage of the 70th anniversary of Indian independence and alongside her daughter, filmed a programme on the Partition of India for children. She has since been invited to discuss the subject on various media outlets. She has published a wide variety of work including editing Cut From The Same Cloth? an anthology by visibly Muslim women in Britain, Talking About Islamophobia published by Hachette and is currently working on a novel.  You can find Sabeena tweeting at @pocobookreader

Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan is an educator, award-winning poet and published writer from Leeds. She is the author of poetry collection,Postcolonial Banter, co-author of the anthology, A Fly Girl’s Guide to University: Being a woman of colour at Cambridge and other institutions of power and elitism; co-essayist in I Refuse to Condemn: resisting racism in times of national security; Cut from the Same Cloth?Muslim women on life in Britain; and host of theBreaking Binaries podcast. Her work disrupts common understandings of history, race, knowledge and power – particularly interrogating the purpose of narratives about Muslims, gender and violence. She is published inThe Guardian, Independent, Al-Jazeera, gal-dem and her poetry performances have millions of views online. Suhaiymah is currently a Visiting Research Fellow at Queen Mary University of London and her poetry, articles and books can be found on University and school syllabi. You can find Suhaiymah tweeting at @thebrownhijabi

Sophie Williams has been editing books, articles and screenplays for over ten years. She currently homeschools her three children in London and dreams of moving her family to Scotland.

Hodan Yusuf is a poet, writer, playwright and actress. She is a multimedia freelance journalist and a mediator and trainer in conflict resolution. Hodan has a BA Hons in Human Geography & Environmental Policy and a Diploma in Journalism. She has a MSc in Conflict Resolution & Mediation Studies from the University of London. Hodan has delivered workshops, spoken at and read her poetry at many universities, events and festivals. This includes IHRC, York University, Oxford University, University of East London, Muslim Institute, BareLit Festival, UK Parliament, British Library, University of Exeter, Amnesty International, the Tate Gallery and others. In 2019, Hodan’s screen debut acting role saw her land a part in a J.J. Abrams & Warner Bros production. Hodan wrote, directed and performed her first play in 2020, for an International theatre festival screened live on Zoom from London, Delhi and San Francisco. Hodan continues to develop her craft as an actor while working on her debut poetry collection.You can find Hodan tweeting at @hyfreelance

This Beyond Books event is in collaboration with MFest which is a multi-arts festival of Muslim knowledge and creativity.  The Festival brings together artists, activists, thinkers, organisations and collectives to celebrate the collective power of diverse Muslim communities, connected with Islamic roots and imagine thriving futures.  This event has been made possible with the support of National Lottery and Sport England funding, and is in collaboration with the Muslim Girls Fence project at Maslaha. MGF is currently working on the impacts of racism and Islamophobia on mental health, and whilst open to all women, centres the needs of Muslim women in physical activity, creativity and safe spaces. 

This event will take place online via Hopin. ‘Doors’ will open at 4:30pm and the main event will start at 5pm. If you join the event from 16:30, you will have the opportunity to ‘meet’ other attendees via the networking function.

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