Everyday Extraordinary Curator at CIVIC SQUARE


The Floating Front Room
South Loop Park, Rotton Park Street, Birmingham, B16 0AE


30 Oct 2021


1:30 pm - 2:00 pm



Reading on the Green

Encouraging children to share their reading experience, Reading on the Green is our fortnightly children’s book group at the Floating Front Room. Hosted by our Everyday Extraordinary Curator Danni Ebanks-Ingram, Reading on the Green deep dives into books from our children’s Book Shares as well as extending invitations to local children’s writers from across the city and region.

Reading and having access to books give children a sense of well being, identity, through conversation and shared reading, children can develop knowledge, deeper understanding, creativity as well as autonomy and agency in learning, exploring and discovering new ideas, new stories which can help with nurture individual creative learning.

Children in the neighbourhood have been exploring some of the activities and experiments in Alys Fowler’s Grow, Forage and Make and will be deep diving into other books from the Book Share too.

These include:
Michael Rosen & Charlotte Trounce – Book of Play
Lucy Jones – Losing Eden
Coralie Bickford-Smith – The Song of the Tree
School of Life – Big Ideas for Curious Minds

Sometimes we have guest writers and Reading on the Green will start at 13:00, so please do always check the Front Room Key and the calendar for details.

Reading on the Green is an informal and relaxed reading session for children aged 6-12, there is no need to register, just turn up. The dates for Reading on the Green are:

4th and 18th September
2nd, 16th and 30th October

13th & 27th November
11th December


Why read?

Research from the National Literacy Trust shows that children who are the most engaged with literacy are three times more likely to have higher levels of mental wellbeing than children who are the least engaged (39.4% vs 11.8%) and children who enjoy reading and writing are happier with their lives.  The earliest children are introduced to books and reading the better. You can read some research about this from the National Literacy Trust here

Books and reading give children agency and confidence to explore who they are, their neighbourhoods, their peers. Books help children to dream, to imagine, to learn and be inspired.