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Zoom web conferencing


29 May 2021


2:00 pm - 3:15 pm

On the Settee with Sham Murad

In The Front Room, the settee offers a place of sanctuary; a place where you can take a load off. On ours, you’ll discover conversations that will slot into your day like a catch up with an old friend, or your favourite song – something that makes you feel at home, open, yet vulnerable and connected through the stories we tell ourselves and one another.

On the Settee…Beyond Books edition with t
he stories and voices we read and hear

Our new season of ‘On the Settee’ programming features a range of folk from across Birmingham’s reading, writing and book selling community. Books, reading and access to ideas, experiences and stories can be found at the heart of exploring yourself and the world around you. Who is writing these stories? Whose experiences are being heard? What voices are being excluded? How are books being accessed in the city?

There may be a growing movement to make publishing more inclusive and representative but have these changes made their way into what books we are able to buy and read? How are books used as tools for dreamers, for people to reimagine a collective future where we see prosperity, health and equity for all? Who are the writers that are challenging dominant narratives and asking us to question and reevaluate the status quo?

Who’s on the Settee today?

Sham Murad:

Baghdad born, Masters in Law graduate Sham Murad is the co-founder of A is for Activism. A bookclub that serves as a community hub for political education, solidarity, love, raising class consciousness and hosts mutual aid programs.

A is for Activism is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation that started as a book club and morphed into something greater than we had imagined. The group welcomes and supports all who are disenfranchised. It hopes to bring like-minded people together in order to work collectively towards bringing a stronger and more enlightened communi


Join Danni and Sham as we hear more about A is for Activism, its roots and the work it has been doing at grassroots community level both at home and abroad. Can writers and books be a force for collective change?

This conversation will be held in a Zoom webinar format. The session will be streamed live from On The Settee, or you can register below to take part in the Q&A via Zoom.