The Front Room


The Front Room


The Floating Front Room
South Loop Park, Rotton Park Street, Birmingham, B16 0AE


10 Nov 2021


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Break Bread Community Lunch

From our days gathering around the workbench at Impact Hub Birmingham for a Pot Luck Lunch, to The Big Lunch picnic of play, growing and processing the past year together in South Loop Park this Summer, coming together around food matters to us; through the good times, the bad and everything in between.

We warmly invite you to meet, connect and share with you neighbours at Break Bread: The Front Room Community Lunch taking place every Wednesday at noon.


Break Bread is a natural place to meet others locally and build strong bonds beyond your existing networks through curiosity, collective care and carbohydrates.

As things continue to shift and change around us, we want to create a place of consistency and sanctuary in the middle of the week where we can come together and ground back into what is important to us. Each week there will be an open question to discuss with those you meet, if this is a helpful conversation starter to connect us all to the bigger picture, but we invite you to bring your ideas and intentions too.

From time to time we will also welcome special guests from the neighbourhood and further afield to open up new possibilities for the space, galvanise the connections being made in creative ways and root the conversations in our wider mission.

How To Participate

This event is hosted in person at South Loop Park, Rotton Park Street, Birmingham, B16 0AE. If it’s your first time visiting, just head for the bell tent and someone will be ready to welcome you.
Whether you join with neighbours, friends or family or on your own, the lunch is hosted warmly with a different question or topic to explore every week, meaning you can either join in the conversation, or listen and reflect if you prefer.
There will always be bread available for sandwiches, and we hope to serve seasonal recipes using produce from growing sites in the neighbourhood, but also invite you to bring your own dish to enjoy or share if you would like to.

Hosted for an hour and a half, you can drop in at any time throughout Break Bread, and leave before the end too if you need or want to without feeling worried about this, or continue conversations and connecting in the park afterwards.
If you’d like to ask any questions about Break Bread or are interested to nominate or be a special guest host, please contact us at