The next session will be going ahead as planned.

lots of care

Due to COVID-19 developments in Birmingham, upcoming sessions of The Floating Front Room will require lots of care from all involved.

[Updated: Friday 11th September, 22:30]

How to Show Lots of Care
at The Floating Front Room

  • Strictly keep 2 metres distance between yourself and those outside of your household or support bubble at all times, including all members of The Floating Front Room team.

  • Wear masks if you are able to do so. We always have these available for free.

  • Hand sanitise regularly. We have multiple sanitisation stations near The Barge for your use.

  • Spend time in groups of no more than 6 people (unless your support bubble exceeds this size).
  • Spread out across the park as much as possible, and do not  convene in areas of the park where groups are already gathered.

  • Do not congregate around The Barge.

  • Please do not go onto The Barge, even the outside decks, unless you are a member of our team.

  • Take home any blankets that you use, and do not unnecessarily touch anything. If you read a book, or use a conversation menu, please take it home, and keep it as a gift from us to you.


The next session (Wed 19 Aug) will take place with limited activitiy.


Unfortunately the next session will not be going ahead.

The Floating Front Room

At The Barge, South Loop Park
Rotton Park Street, Ladywood, Birmingham, B16 0AE

mondays, 9am-3pm

wednesdays, 9am-3pm

saturdays, 10am-3pm

We’d love to invite you round to ours for a physically distanced, socially connected cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate at The Barge at South Loop Park.

This will be a space for neighbours, and friends to meet safely, connect with others from the area and beyond, process the present and dream of the future together too. Everyone is welcome, but if you are based < 20 minutes away from South Loop Park (B16 0AE) on foot or by bike, drinks and cakes are free for you through the Front Room Key. This is to warmly welcome those of you from the many different neighourhood(s) around us, beyond any fixed definitions of place, such as postcode(s), wards etc.

The Floating Front Room is the first opportunity to connect in person around exploring how to adapt the significance of the traditional front room beyond our homes and into our neighbourhoods and shared resources, and we’d love for you to join us for the early beginnings of that exploration together.

what to expect


Meet the Floating Front Room Baristas for a selection of hot drinks served from the boat accompanied by delicious cakes from local guest bakers


Each week we’ll serve up a menu of questions designed for stimulating neighbourly conversation to connect with family and friends.


Pick up a book from our collection of specially chosen titles to spark your imagination. Take a book, read it, love it, mark it, and pass it on.

BIKE service

On Saturdays, bring your bike along for a basic check by Ezo Cycles. Ask any questions about your bike, or join the ride maintenance class series too!

special activities

Upcoming courses, workshops and adventures that you can participate in at the Floating Front Room in coming weeks.

No event found!

Physically distanced, socially connected

Maintaining a distance of 2m between yourself and others will be mandatory at all times when visiting The Barge. Masks are also mandatory when ordering and collecting drinks, unless an exemption applies to you. Free masks and hand sanitiser will be available if needed.

Across the wider park, distancing must be observed with those outside your household or support bubble, in accordance with latest guidelines, but the wearing of masks is also encouraged as an additional precaution.

If you are feeling unwell, unable to meet in person, or just fancy connecting from home we are also hosting online events and meeting places, and can send you kits and activities in the post too.